Elliyedibon Mirror

Furniture Design Focus: Elliyedibon Mirror

A Good Furniture design example, the Elliyedibon is a creative Mirror design. Elliyedibon was designed in 2010, and here is a how it is described by its designer: Elliyedibon is a very big mirror designed to fit lobbies and other big spaces, the desi <Cropped>

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Two Forever by Karin Castens

Karin Castens Demonstrates The Two Forever Jewellery

Karin Castens, the lead designer of the displayed design Two Forever - Jewellery by Karin Castens explains, Two Forever is a Danish wedding set: Unlike most such sets, the two rings interlink like a hook and a loop, preventing them from moving autono <Cropped>

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Exhibition:pepsi Metlife Stadium by Pepsico Design & Innovation, Pentagram

Pepsico Design & Innovation, Pentagram Designs The Pepsi Metlife Stadium Exhibition

PepsiCo Design & Innovation, Pentagram, the author of the highlighted work Exhibition by PepsiCo Design & Innovation, Pentagram illustrates, As Super Bowl XLVIII came to the New York area in 2013, Pepsi aimed to give fans a grand entrance i <Cropped>

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Qianjiang Golden Bridge-Cinema by Ajax Law and Virginia Lung

Ajax Law and Virginia Lung Shows The Qianjiang Golden Bridge Cinema

Ajax Law and Virginia Lung, the author of the highlighted work Cinema:Qianjiang Golden Bridge by Ajax Law and Virginia Lung spells out, The cinema is morphed into an art gallery, allowing the audience to slow down and appreciate the movie poster deco <Cropped>

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Towering as Mountain-Interior Design by Pei-Ching Su and Tsai-Ying Wu

Pei-Ching Su and Tsai-Ying Wu Creates The Towering as Mountain Interior Design

Pei-Ching Su and Tsai-Ying Wu, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Pei-Ching Su and Tsai-Ying Wu's Towering as Mountain Interior Design points out, The tall residential building, located at the central Kaohsiung City, has the great <Cropped>

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Exhibition Design:humour Business by Pink Blue Black & Orange

Pink Blue Black & Orange Exhibits The Humour Business Exhibition Design

Pink Blue Black & Orange, the maker of the displayed work Pink Blue Black & Orange's Humour Business Exhibition Design says, The exhibition portrayed the creative power of humour that moves people through time by capturing people’s hea <Cropped>

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Tetrapod Brewing Co.-brand Identity, Package and Media Design by Plusx

Plusx Discloses The Tetrapod Brewing Co. Brand Identity, Package and Media Design

PlusX, the author of the awarded design Award Winning TETRAPOD BREWING CO. Brand Identity, Package and Media Design illustrates, Aiming for a creation of a pub that provides trustworthy services in a free and relaxed atmosphere, Tetrapod's uniqu <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Beetling Bench

Acclaimed Designer Shows The Beetling Bench

The architect of the award winning project Acclaimed Designer's Beetling Bench says, Beetling is an indoor seating system that has its own advertising and information area.By its elegant transparent body, an inner place is created for posters wh <Cropped>

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The Habitat of The Artist:deep Cavern Studio by Claudio Hebberecht

Claudio Hebberecht Discloses The Deep Cavern Studio The Habitat of The Artist

Claudio Hebberecht, the project leader of the highlighted work The Habitat of the Artist by Claudio Hebberecht explicates, The Habitat of the Artist, fully integrated into the environment by it´s natural flowing lines. Reinforced concrete dome con <Cropped>

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Skyline by Armin Cheng

Armin Cheng Illustrates The Skyline Residential House

ARMIN CHENG, the maker of the highlighted work SKYLINE by ARMIN CHENG explicates, In this case, considering the new space user is a single female, the layout, flow, and updating of all the software and hardware have to undergo an overall renovation t <Cropped>

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